The Allerhand Institute in partnership with the Moldova Competition Council is organizing the "Public Procurement in State Aid and Competition law" international conference in Chisinau. The conference co-financed by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs will be held on the 12th of May 2016 and will focus on three areas of legislation: State Aid, Procurement Policy and Competition law.


The purpose of this event is to share good practices from Poland and Moldova in implementing European directives, discuss relevant case studies and encourage participants in debating the above. The conference speakers will include experienced lawyers from the Poland and Moldova, representatives of academia and high government official including President of Moldova Competition Council. We cordially invite you to participate, believing that the conference will provide you with the opportunity to expand knowledge and exchange opinions.
















Law graduate (Faculty of Law and Administration) and postgraduate (functioning of the energy market) School of Economics. Participant doctoral seminar led by Professor Marek Wierzbowski from the Department of Administrative Law and Procedure at the University, under the supervision of the doctoral thesis in the field of energy law. He also studied common law at the University of Cambridge and the European Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (under the Erasmus program). He works as a lawyer at Ernst & Young Law Tałasiewicz & Partners Sp. k. - Office affiliated with the international consulting firm Ernst & Young. Casual actively involved in the work of the Institute Allerhand, under which works on projects related to energy law. He is interested in economic including energy law and environmental law, and the protection of competition and state aid, international law and the law of commercial companies.


Doctor of Law.  Specialist in company  law,  mergers  and acquisitions, medical law ( and competition law (

Associate of one of the Polish law firms - advises entrepreneurs in the field of corporate law, restructuring, competition law and M & A. Founder and originator

He graduated from the Faculty of Law and Administration at Warsaw University (law degree and defense doctorate in administrative law), School of Economics (PhD in economics), Center for American Law and postgraduate LLM Thesis in the Maurer School of Law, Indiana University (full tuition scholarship ). He studied and scholarship Levin College of Law (University of Florida), Maurer School of Law in Bloomington (Indiana University) and under the Columbia Law School Summer Program in Amsterdam. He also staying research (research scholar) at the Collegio Carlo Alberto (University of Turin) as part of                       a research grant.

Member of many Polish and international associations: the Competition Law Association, Polish Association of Economic Analysis of Law, Polish Arbitration Association, Asian Competition Forum, the European Association of Health Law and a regular contributor CARS (Faculty of Management, University of Warsaw).

The author of many scientific articles (published in, among others, the Global Antitrust  Review, Monitor the Banking Law, Review of Economic Legislation, State and Law, Quarterly online Antitrust and Regulatory), and press releases.


Doctor of Laws (doctoral dissertation concerned thecompetition in the procedure for public  Faculty of Law and Administration of Jagiellonian University Law School American The Catholic University of America Columbus School of Law at Faculty of Law and Administration of the Jagiellonian University and International Legal Studies Programme at the University of Antwerp (UIA).

She interned in the Competition Directorate of the European Commission in Brussels. She specializes in public procurement and partnership Public-private. She has many years of experience in preparing and conducting proceedings under the Public Procurement Law.

She is a legal audit, preparation of analyzes and opinions. She represents contractors and contracting before the National Board of Appeal. The author of numerous

publications in the field of public procurement.


The Allerhand Institute is independent advanced legal studies center, concentrated on the aspects of Polish and European legislation which have a direct impact on economic growth, including Corporate law, Intellectual Property law, Energy and Environmental law, Sport law, on, Human Rights and Mediation procedures. The Academic Society of the Allerhand Institute involves representatives of academia, government, administration, business and law. The Allerhand Institute has got experience in sharing knowledge with Eastern Europe partners. They have been involved to a great degree in advising on Corporate Law reform in Ukraine.


Moldova Competition Council (MCC) is the main government body dealing with  the subject of Competition law and State Aid in Moldova. MCC would like to support the development of the Concurrence Advocacy Network (CAN).


About Project

The conference and competition café is a part of broader project co-funded by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of The Kingdom of Norway. Project consists of three main activities:


1. The “Public Procurement in State Aid and Competition law” conference - held in Moldova on the 12th May 2016. The Conference organised with Moldova Competition Council has been designed to generate interest of the current legislation across representatives of SMEs, the civil society, local authorities, NGOs, media and academia. The main purpose of the conference is to successfully educate participants about State Aid law and Competition directives, provide relevant case-law examples and encourage participants to have discussions on the above.


2. Publication of magazine on Competition legislation – magazine will contain basic notions, explanations and interpretations of Competition law. It will serve as an educational instrument, complementary to the enforcement activities conducted by the Competition Council, particularly identifying, counteracting and penalizing anticompetitive practices.


3. “Competition Café -The role of NGO in raising legal awareness - Competition law, Procurement Policy and State Aid"- an informal debate with non-governmental organisations representatives, Allerhand Institute experts and scholars from the Moldovan State University. The workshops organised in the partnership with CAN – Concurrency Advocacy Network will promote role of civil society in monitoring compliance with new legislation.



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Contact Information

Luminita Arama

Moldova Competition Council


phone number:  0037322273443